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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Wear Your Soul


Back to Eastern Europe with Hungarians T.Rogers 2nd album. From the very first bars, one understand why they have been called a "Joy & Blues Band". For if their approach is often of the blues-rock kind, Ferenc Kovacs and his septet's music is quite different from way too many bands in that named style for instead of standing like showoff's with no other purpose than to display their velocity, it is totally dedicated to pleasure celebration. Pleasure to play, to share, to seduce and to have fun together with each bandmate as well as with the audience. All of them very good musicians, indeed our 7 guys know how to make jump out of your seat and dance as soon as a few notes only are played. Some rock, some funk, a lot of blues, solid arrangements despite the jam band like feel, and, again, a highly contagious real joy. One can only enjoy the fact they were signed by BlueBridge Networks, hoping that Georges and Ray, BB N agents, finds them gigs somewhere close enough to us. Some of us could enjoy them 2 years ago during the Luxemburg Blues & Jazz Rally when they actually arrived directly from Hungary after driving long hours in an old bus without a chance to rest or eat before their gig. This CD lets us imagine what it must be like to witness them take over a stage after a good meal and enough rest. Hoping such an event happens soon, their two albums can still be enjoyed in the meanwhile, knowing that Wear Your Soul has nothing to be ashamed of compared to Driven By The Blues, their previous and 1st album that had us find out about them. Two CD's anti spleen guaranted.

René Malines
Virus de Blues

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